FAQ – The Project

Why Manjimup?

The proposed site is located within the operating WAPRES Diamond Mill wood processing site, 8 km S of Manjimup townsite. The site is of sufficient size for the proposed Biomass Project, located within an existing industrial facility, close to the road network and within 1 km of an existing electrical substation. Manjimup is strategically located within the existing South West timber region, with good access to plantation timber.

What is the project generation capacity?

The net electrical generating capacity of the Biomass Project will be approximately 40 Mega Watts which is equivalent to the consumption of approximately 50,000 homes.

How long will construction take?

It is anticipated that construction and commissioning will take approximately 28 months to complete.

When will construction start?

Work on the site is expected to commence in 2015.

When will the project operate?

The Biomass Project is expected to operate continuously, except for short planned outage periods for maintenance.

Will there be a need for new pylons and overhead transmission lines?

The project will utilise existing transmission easements between the project site and the Western Power substation located 1 km to the North.

How many jobs will be created?

The project will create up to 300 jobs during construction and approximately 25 to 30 full time jobs in the power station and a similar number in harvesting, transport and processing of the fuel. In addition, the Biomass Project will create indirect employment for off-site engineering, logistics and support services.

What will the electricity be used for?

The Biomass Project will deliver electricity to the South West Interconnected System, supplying power to homes and businesses across the South West of WA

How does the Biomass Project fit with the Renewable Energy Target?

The Renewable Energy Target is a Commonwealth Government legislated policy to ensure that 20% of Australia’s electricity is generated from renewable sources by 2020. 100% of the electricity produced by the Manjimup Power Station will be renewable and therefore the lant will help Australia achieve its target.

How will the Biomass Project benefit the South West region?

The project will attract significant investment, jobs and business opportunities to the region. It will also utilise plantation waste, delivering a financial return to plantation owners for a waste that is currently burned.