Project Benefits

Manjimup SW Map location

Manjimup SW location

T he power station will provide many benefits for Manjimup, the south west region and for WA.

In the construction phase, the project will provide up to 300 jobs locally, which will be a major boost for Manjimup and the region. Construction will take approximately 28 months. WAB is targeting commencement of construction in 2015.

In the operation phase up to 25 to 30 jobs will be created in the power station and a similar number in the harvesting, transport and processing of the fuel.

Situated approximately 8km south of Manjimup town-site, the power station is ideally located at the existing Diamond Mill site, and less than a kilometre from the Manjimup Substation which provides the connection for the power station to the south west grid.

The project will create local training, employment and business opportunities during construction and in operation. It will enhance Manjimup’s clean and  green image through its renewable energy credentials and has the potential to attract associated clean energy related businesses. The project will also utilise Manjimup’s local timber workforce as it adjusts to moving away from native timber harvesting.