FAQ – Environmental Effects

Does the Biomass Project have environmental approval?

Yes. The WA Environmental Protection Authority issued environmental approval for the project to proceed in 2009.

Will the project produce emissions?

The Biomass Project will install advanced emission control equipment. The project’s circulating fluid bed boiler technology captures and consumes pollutants to meet EPA emission compliance requirements.

Are there any health impacts from biomass plants?

Modern energy facilities emit very low emissions into the atmosphere. The power station’s flue gasses are filtered and pollutants captured by technology within the project in order to conform to strict emissions standards.

What waste will the Biomass Project create?

The Biomass Project will produce bottom and fly ash. WAB is in discussion with several groups that have expressed an interest in using the ash for agricultural purposes.

Will the power station create noise?

The majority of noise generating equipment will be located within insulated buildings.

Noise modelling conducted for the environmental approval shows that noise generated by the Biomass Project will not be noticeable above background noise at the nearest residential property. Noise levels from the Biomass Project will be strictly monitored as part of conditions imposed by the environmental approval.

Does burning biomass create odours?

Biomass is burnt at a high temperature which limits odours being produced during the burning process.

How many road truck movements will there be?

The Biomass Project will require approximately 380,000 tonnes of biomass each year which will be delivered by truck. In normal operation, this equates to approximately 34 truckloads per week day.

Will wildlife be affected by construction and operation of the Biomass Project?

As part of the environmental approval, the project had to demonstrate that wildlife would not be unduly affected.