FAQ – The Fuel

What sort of fuel will the Biomass Project use?

The Biomass Project will use only waste wood from harvested timber plantations. This waste material is currently burned on site, with no emission controls, causing smoke pollution and releasing chemicals. Most of these chemicals will be filtered in the power station.

Will the Biomass Project use wood from native forests?

No. The Biomass Project will only use waste material from plantations in the region such as pine and bluegum. Fuel from native forests is prohibited for use in biomass projects by the RET legislation which only allows projects that use non-native forests to generate Renewable Energy Certificates. In addition, the environmental approval for the power station only permits the use of plantation timber.

How much fuel will the Biomass Project need?

The Biomass Project will require approximately 400,000 tonnes of plantation waste per annum.

Where will the biomass fuel be sourced from?

The timber waste to supply the Biomass Project will be sourced from timber (pine and bluegum) plantations within approximately 100 km or so of the project site.

Will the Biomass Project burn domestic waste?

No. The Biomass Project is not a waste incinerator and will not burn domestic waste or contaminated biomass material.

Is the biomass fuel sustainable?

The Biomass Project will only use waste timber from sustainable timber plantations that comply with the Commonwealth Government’s Renewable Energy Target legislation criteria.

How does the Government ensure the power station uses only plantation timber?

The power station will be certified by the Federal Government’s Clean Energy Regulator, which is responsible for ensuring that it uses only renewable fuels, that is from plantation timber. A strict and auditable chain of evidence process is put in place to ensure that no native timber is used in the plant.

What are LREC’s?

A LREC is a certificate generated for each megawatt hour of eligible renewable energy generated by an accredited renewable energy project.

How many years will the Biomass Project last for?

The Biomass project has a design life of 25 years.