About Biomass Energy

Biomass is a recognised source of clean, renewable energy for heat and power generation.  It refers to recently-grown biological material such as trees, grasses and crops that can be used as a carbon-neutral fuel and come from a variety of sustainable sources including forestry residues, sawmill co-products, recovered wood and dedicated energy crops.  Biomass power generation uses a fuel that is natural and abundant and provides secure and reliable power through the use of tried-and-tested technology.

Power Generation

The generation of electricity from biomass is a tried and tested process, with many hundreds of applications around the world. In Europe, the Scandinavian countries are probably the leading users of biomass as a source of heat and electricity. The most used technology for using biomass in power generation involves its combustion in a boiler for the production of high pressure steam. A simple diagram of this process is shown below:


Sustainable sourcing

Federal legislation ensures that only fuel from sustainable sources is used for accredited biomass power stations.