A Cleaner Energy Future

W AB is committed to helping WA move towards a cleaner energy future. We will build and operate a world class renewable energy power station that will bring many benefits to Manjimup, the south west region and to WA.

Under Federal legislation supported by all major parties, Australia is committed to sourcing approximately 20% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. WA similarly is required to meet that target.

The policy, initially introduced by the Howard Government, and expanded by the Rudd Government, is designed to move Australia’s power generation system away from burning fossil fuels, towards a cleaner form of energy, which will reduce carbon emissions and help mitigate climate change.

WestGen and National Power are working together to develop the Manjimup Project which can showcase to the State and Australia that power generated using waste from plantation timber can play a significant role in meeting the challenge of increasing our use of cleaner renewable energy.

The Manjimup Biomass Project has attracted attention from around Australia because it will be the first of its kind in the country. It is an important national project because unlike other forms of renewable energy – solar and wind – it produces non-intermittent base load electricity, and energy industry stakeholders are keen to see the project demonstrating how it can assist the grid and complement other intermittent renewable generation.